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Pound the Rock, or at Least, Chip Away at It

See the link at the top of this blog that says “Fiction?” That’s supposed to be a link to a page that lists all of the completed or semi-completed works of fiction that I’ve done over the course of my

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Emily Draws and Our Shared Creative Experience

Emily sits right next to me at the coffee shop here in Kansas. We’re on a little creative excursion, trying to go about our own ways with writing and drawing. She’s my favourite artist; her worldview and ideas flow so

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You’re an Engaged Man Now, Dog

Finding Forrester is my favourite movie of all time. As a writer, this is no less than unsurprising, as there are very few movies that celebrate the love of the written word and the act of its creation. In our

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#TIFF2013, Day 1: To Catch the Catcher

Writers love to look up to the greats. For each person who aspires to write the next great novel, there is one timeless author that they seek to imitate not only in writing style, but approach to craft as well.

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Embracing Authenticity of Experience

(or perhaps, the problem therein) When I write, whether it is in the form of prose fiction, blog post, or otherwise, I create an experience based on my own personal understanding of how the world works; likewise, standing on the

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