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#TIFF2013, Day 10: Everyone Has an R100 Story

Even though the Film Festival has come and gone for a good week and counting, I still find myself looking back fondly at the films that I watched over the course of that event. I originally intended to do this

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#TIF2013, Day 9: Why Don’t You Do Something Fun?

There’s nothing more apparent or enjoyable in a storytelling than an author that conveys their love for the medium. The expression of such joy comes out in the believability of characters and situations, even if the premise of their existences

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#TIF2013, Day 8: Bends is About Everyone’s Stories

Sometimes people get caught up in the drama of their own lives such that they take for granted the lives of others. In a given day, we come into contact with a number of people, and unfortunately, our inhernet self-centredness

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#TIFF2013, Days 6 & 7: Loving Ningen and The Wind Rises

I was lucky enough to hold off on writing about my Tuesday screening, Ningen, as there were particular talking points that ended up being addressed in my viewing of Miyazaki’s swan song, The Wind Rises, which I had the opportunity to watch yesterday

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#TIFF2013, Day 5: Whispers of the Best!

I recently discovered the joys of keeping multiple notebooks on my person. I have precisely three moleskines and a larger hardcover notebook in my shoulder bag at this very moment; I use the hardcover for writing prose whenever I feel

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