You’re an Engaged Man Now, Dog

Finding Forrester is my favourite movie of all time. As a writer, this is no less than unsurprising, as there are very few movies that celebrate the love of the written word and the act of its creation. In our writing, we constantly ask and answer our own personal questions of why we do so in the first place. Having watched this movie with my then-girlfriend last night, I was posed by that question once again, and in going through the failed attempt of blogging consecutive days during the Film Festival, which went to shit due to health issues, I had come to the realization that one of the main driving forces behind my writing is the endless encouragement that she provided for me in my entire time knowing her, both during and before the relationship. Having noticed this, I was overcome with the urge to propose to her at that very moment, a solitary one shared between the two of us on the couch, instead of whatever lavish plan I had in mind in the days following.

Naturally, she said yes, and as this post title suggests, I’m engaged. Our plans have come along nicely, albeit a bit more accelerated than originally intended. The next step is marriage and being able to live together and live out the rest of our lives like the end of some fairy tale. Yet, for me, it’s not the end of a fairy tale. The story of my relationship to my now-fiancée did not reach a climax in storytelling with my proposal. There was no fanfare, no tense buildup like in the most dramatic of love stories. That’s not how life works. I fully understand that there’s a story for the part after she says yes, just like how there’s a story after she confessed to me and we got together. Life is a series of stories, and while one transitions into the other, one can’t get too attached to one or the other. These stories come together in sequence to inform us of who we are, who we’ve become.

I’m looking forward to what’s in store in the future. I feel as if the story of my life just concluded one of its many chapters, and in the context of my relationship (and soon to be marriage), it feels more like I just beat a video game, only to be immediately thrust into a New Game+ mode. I’m excited, and from here I can only imagine that I will change even more than I already have in the past six months. This whole thing is moving incredibly fast, and where most people are overwhelmed with trying to cope with change, I’m instead overwhelmed by the concept of writing it all down. It’s that same overwhelming feeling that photographers face when they start noticing that the world moves too fast for them to capture on film; I can’t seem to capture it in words just yet. I never will, really, but I can always try. As long as things keep moving, there will never be a shortage of things to write about, and I will always be changing and improving as a writer. I guess I’m just content with where I am, and not content enough about recording it all in words. That’s what keeps me going.

Things will always happen to me; I just have to punch the keys. My fiancée will always be there to encourage me to keep at it, and I couldn’t be happier.


Loving writing all the time.

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3 comments on “You’re an Engaged Man Now, Dog
  1. Akira says:

    May your coffins be built from the wood of a hundred-year oak you plant on your wedding day. Cheers, to the both of you.

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