I’m Very Happy When it Rains

This is a repost from a blog that I used to write on (and probably still do, from time to time). Whenever it rains, I always look back and read this, and I warm up inside, though at this very moment, I imagine that might have more to do with the free coffee that is provided at the office in which I work than the sporadic mix of sunshine and thunder. Toronto, your weather is a bit weird!

Whenever I see drops fall outside of my office window, I look out and down into the streets. I see cars drive by on their way home, attempting to beat the morning rush. Their wipers slide back and forth against their windshields in syncopated rhythms as their tires splash over puddles close to the storm drains. I take a seat on a cold filing cabinet and smile as I imagine the rhythmic patter of rain hitting me on my head and shoulders.

Sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes it’s not as cold. Most of the time I forget to bring an umbrella. It doesn’t even matter. I feel as if the stresses that build up over time simply wash away if I bare myself to the sky above me. I’m left alone, vulnerable, but open to what is in store for me ahead. So I march in the rain. I sing in the rain. I dance in the rain. I let out my joys and happiness as if I were baptized and reborn anew. I can clear my mind and focus on what’s waiting for me in the distance: a person who I love and can’t wait to meet and spend my time with.

I’m the most happy when it rains.

If I were to re-write this again, I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe replace “meet and spend my time” with “spend the rest of my life.” It’s amazing to see how much can happen in the span of only a few months. I’m remarkably happy right now, and I hope everyone reading this are happy in their own lives as well.


Loving writing all the time.

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